Turn Everything You Do Into A Blog Post

Your day-to-day experiences are the best source of blog post ideas. The key is to turn the lessons you learn into actionable advice for your ideal clients.

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How Do You Use Your Experience To Write Blog Posts?

Share your experience in the comments below about how you come up with blog post ideas!


  1. I use my Droid to take pictures and or notes about my thoughts/ideas for posts. Many of the daily experiences are perfect because they are easy to relate to and offer multiple opportunities for discussion.

  2. I feel like being a Blogger is like being a Comedian. Most experiences aren’t that unique—we all go through most of the same experiences. Most seem so mundane to really notice, dwell on or even discuss, so when those things are written about people feel connected and understood. If a specific experience is unique, then there is always a global lesson to write about.
    Blogging is like shinning a light on the obvious things we do in life, making one stop and see what life’s about and how we perceive it and accept it.

  3. Good video Robert. I used to keep an iPod and would use the voice memo when inspiration struck me. You never know when you’ll have the best idea of the week, but it’s never when you’re sitting in front of a computer trying to write a blog post.

  4. Nice Video Robert, what I do is take some pictures put them on my computer, then fire up Screencast-o-matic and talk about the pictures…have done several times on my youtube channel (largeview) about portable air conditioners and these little videos are good source for leads.

    Will try and keep a more travelogue frame of mind for business. Thanks again.

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