How To Use The Power Of Story To Increase Sales

For thousands of years, humans have used stories to pass knowledge from generation to generation. The power of story is well known in the world of marketing – the most powerful campaigns today use it to great advantage. And anyone who reads books or stays glued to the news stations can attest to it's power. However, story isn't merely the domain of large companies or popular authors. You too can use the power of story to increase sales.


One example of using story to increase action is a recent post I wrote titled, “The Greatest Gift I Can Give My Daughter“. In this post I told the story of how I gained an insatiable thirst for knowledge thanks to my parents, and how I'm passing that on to my daughter. I then tied that lesson in to our recent Kindle contest. Entries into the contest literally doubled after that post.

Another use of story is the election campaign of our current president – Barrack Obama. In 2008, he campaigned on a platform of hope and change. The campaign connected with a younger generation of voters, a demographic which traditionally didn't turn out in record numbers. This time they did. His campaign combined social media with traditional media. Everywhere you turned you heard the story of hope and change and the brighter future it would bring about. He rode the tide of sentiment and won election.

As a third example, I look to Apple. When Apple first started, Steve Jobs had a vision of computers being created at the intersection of liberal arts and technology. From that vision, Apple was born. The rest as they say, is history. If you look at any of the product announcements by Steve Jobs, you will see that for each, he tells a story. It's a story of vision, and the story of the birth of their products. And let's not forget the iconic 1984 ad, which you can see below.

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The bottom line – stories can and are used to increase sales. So how can you learn to harness their power for your business?

Using Story To Increase Sales

Winning Presence For Business PresentersFor more than 11 years, Pete Machalek and Dean Hyers have been teaching people – from construction project managers to job seekers – to use the power of story to make sales. Because of their teachings, SagePresence clients have won more than $2 Billion Dollars in contracts.

Could their techniques work for you? I know then can!

November 1st is the official launch of their book – Winning Presence For Business Presenters. Having read the book I can tell you that it's an easy read, with a lot of very specific advice you can use right now.

Here's what Pete Machalek, co-developer of the book, has to say:

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A Special Triple-Win Offer For You

I know, having experienced it for myself, that the information in Winning Presence For Business Presenters can help your business. And as a client of Dempsey Marketing, I also want to help Pete and Dean sell their book.

To create a win-win-win situation, I'm extending the following offer. If you purchase the book on November 1st ($2.99 on Kindle and $12.99 in print) and email me the receipt, I will give you a bonus competitor backlink analysis report – a $250 value. It's a win-win-win:

  1. You win because you get a book that will help you gain more business, and a report to help you overcome your competition
  2. I win because I help Pete and Dean sell more books
  3. Pete and Dean win because they sell more books and help more entrepreneurs

You can't beat that!

Use Story – Get More Business

Is it really that simple? Write some stories and get more business? No, it isn't. That is why I'm urging you to pick up this book, read it, and put it's lessons into practice. Pete and Dean have been doing this for more than 11 years, and over that time, they've developed a very specific story framework, one which literally anyone can use.

It's worked for me; it's worked for Pete and Dean's clients; it will work for you.

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