Quick Tip: Using Trackbacks For Relationship Building

Trackbacks are a feature of WordPress that let you know someone has linked to a page or post on your WordPress site. You’ll see trackbacks if you link one post to another (good for SEO and time-on-site) or someone on another site links to you. You can use these trackbacks for both relationship building and lead generation. Let’s see how.

Relationship Building

If someone is linking to your content chances are they like it. This is a great opportunity to strike up a conversation and show thanks by commenting on their post.

As an example, recently Chuck Bartok – a regular visitor around these parts – read my All Marketing Is A Conversation post, and rather than leave a comment he wrote an entire article (read that here). That’s awesome! The way I found out about it – before he told me – was the trackback as seen below.

WordPress In-Post Trackback

WordPress In-Post Trackback

Now Chuck and I have been connected for quite some time and he’s commented quite a bit (thanks Chuck you rock!) and asked questions. However this takes it to the next level. What it shows me is that he was inspired by my post and knew the message could be tailored to his audience. Never ignore these! This is gold.

When someone links to your content absolutely head on over to their website, leave a comment on their post, and don’t forget to thank them. And while you’re there, read their about page and find out more about they and their business. If you’re so inclined, send them a message and get them on Skype.

Chuck and I will be talking on Skype very soon.

Unsolicited Advice

Don’t ignore trackbacks. When it comes to blogging for business keep the following in mind: a vast majority of your visitors may never become customers or clients. However that doesn’t mean they aren’t highly valuable! Quite the opposite. It’s these folks that may or may not comment, however they share your content with their social media communities and help to spread your message. It behooves you to form relationships with these folks.

Leave the “how do I prioritize who to speak with” crap to the corporations. As a small business every relationship you form is important. And you never truly know who is on the other end, or who knows whom, until you talk with them.


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  4. A confession..Never really understood Trackbacks and their Energy befor this post…And I am looked up to as a Blogging Resource by many.
    Thanks Robert

  5. Very good article, especially the last paragraph which says it all. 🙂

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