The Website Layout To Use To Generate Leads

With so many website layouts available, which should you use to generate leads? What works best on today's social, content-driven web? That's what we're talking about today.

During a few mastermind sessions with my friends Scott Scanlon and Cody Swann I began to question whether or not the recent structural changes here on the Dempsey Marketing blog are the best for lead generation. Since the changes all important metrics have improved and the number of leads coming in per day has stayed steady. Then I saw the changes Scott made to his site with the launch of the new You Brand Inc. platform. And then yesterday I was talking with Cody and saw the changes he was making.

Between us we have three very different site layouts. All of our companies are busy, but does one model work better than the other? Watch this video and find out. Then let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. Great food for thought in this video Robert.

    Comparing what you have mentioned to what I’m doing, my strategy is really about delivering content. I recently added a few resources/training pages where I have combined blogs posts into categories and posted these on one page, so that visitors can access this information easily. Then at the bottom of each of these pages I have a sign up box to my free offer. This has worked really well in increasing the amount of time people stay on my site as well as the amount of sign ups.

    As you have mentioned it’s very important to continue monitoring to see what works best (and least) and to change accordingly.

    Again, great advice!



    • Hi Annemarie – that’s a fantastic idea and one that I have in the works as well. Resource pages like those you mentioned are highly share-worthy and great for SEO too. The best part though as you mention is that they help your readers by putting all the posts onto a single page. Bravo!

  2. Hi Robert.

    Interesting Video…..definitely looking for lots of follow-up on this one. I would like to see how you use different analytics. What you extract from the stats.

    What about Kissmetrics….no mention of on-page habits

    I notice that none of you are using an email capture form… this deliberate? You talked about funnelling people into the site.

    Perhaps you can explain your processes. that would be good.

    All in all though, an interesting first video on CRO.

    I look forward to more


    • Hi Marcus – one can only put so much into a video before people drop off. And while you and I are heavy into this stuff other people aren’t. We be geeks 🙂 Having said that…

      I haven’t used Kissmetrics. Stay tuned for my post on Google click tracking coming in a few hours from now. You’ll like that one and it’s all about on-page stuffs.

      Also I am using email capture forms but you have to click on the banners in my blog posts to get there. Scott has ads on his site that point to his services pages, and Cody has a ton of opt-in pages as well. Browse the sites and you will find them there.

      • Definitely Robert.

        I think if you can build up the videos it would be good.

        I don’t really see many people talking about this stuff in layman’s language.

        The CRO community seem to believe in veracity by opacity….a bit like some of the SEO community.

        I guess it is ironic in a way…the very people who should be masters of engagement seem somehow quite poor at it…..

        But I really liked this video. You are talking about REAL STUFF!!

        In a real way.

        • Well Marcus to be frank what you are asking is for someone to explain what they get paid to do. Not everyone does that, in fact almost no one does. It keeps customers in the dark and money in pockets.

          It also depends though on the community of the site. As I said you and I can geek out on this stuff, however none of my clients want to know the inner workings of what I do for them – they want the 50,000 foot view and the results.

  3. The video: very well done! I’ll be waiting to learn what you learn – in time, and from those analytics – in regards to the pros/cons to stripping the sidebars.

  4. Good video and not just because you mentioned us… thank you for that.

    One thing to mention on our site is we are in phase 1 of what we consider a 4 part phase of roll out. Phase 1 is really what you see now and is put in place for us to see what the data and engagement tells us. We’ve made some assumptions on how we can acquire an audience and customers and that’s what we are really testing. We also wanted to lead by example, too many times (Robert you and I have talked about this) consultants or firms do not take their own advice… well we didn’t want to be one of those firms.

    Where your method beats us is when someone lands on your website it is clear what you offer and what you do. Someone new to our website might be slightly confused as we lead with looking like a media company. In it’s current state I think it’s a problem but what you will see over the coming weeks is a gradual change in the content, messaging, and pages that make this more clear and evident.

    To me it was important we did what great marketers do, we launched because you learn more by launching than by sitting and thinking about how you ideas or plans might turn out.

    Once again good job on the video overview, it’s stuff like this where you peel back the curtain a bit that to me really adds value.

    • Thanks for peeling back the curtain a bit more Scott. And I agree with a number of your points:

      1. You have got to lead by example
      2. Launching is #1 – it doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to work and be able to be measured – you did that
      3. Gather the data and change accordingly

      Another trifecta of awesome.

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