What Does It Take To Market A New Business?

For every business owner, having a website is critical. It can literally make or break your chances of being successful. And not all websites are created equal. Some can help your business attract the types of clients you want and capture leads, while others can turn people away from working with you purely by the impression they give. So what's the difference, and how can you avoid losing customers because of your website?

There are a five things your website MUST do if you are to be successful:

  1. Be well designed
  2. Speak directly to your ideal client with the words on every page
  3. Position you as the expert if your area of expertise
  4. Capture leads
  5. Close sales

Those 5 criteria go for both web and mobile websites. Taking a look at your current website, does it meet all 5 criteria?

Having a website that works for rather than against your business is just the first step. What follows after is what truly determines your success.

So what do you do next? Social media? SEO? Content strategy? In person networking? Webinars? Teleseminars? Write a book? What?!

Join me on Thursday, March 21st at 2 PM eastern (11 AM pacific) for my latest webinar – Blueprint For New Business Marketing. On this webinar I'll provide you with an easy to follow blueprint for getting more leads and sales by using our proven process of Trifecta Marketing.

Over the past 12 years I've used Trifecta Marketing to build two of my own business, and help hundreds of clients get more traffic to their websites, capture more leads, make more sales, launch a book to #1 in 3 categories on Amazon, and get in-person speaking engagements. When implemented correctly, it will massively propel your business forward.

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