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We arrived at my mother-in-law’s house around 11:30 PM last night, after more than 12 hours in the van we rented, and seeing two grand temples in the morning. Having lived in Chiang Mai – the second largest city in Thailand – for nearly a year, we return with a new perspective on this rural region my wife hails from.

My mother-in-law’s house lacks many modern conveniences we take for granted: air conditioning in every room, western toilets, water that doesn’t clog the showerheads, and many others. However, less than 12 hours after our arrival the house is filled with family and friends. There are no less than a dozen children, including my daughter, playing with the toys we’ve bought and brought, and closet to the same number of adults.

We have four generations under one roof today: my daughter, my wife, her mother, and her mother’s mother.

What my in-laws lack in modern convenience, something they have lived quite well without for many generations, they more than make up for in a life filled with family and friends.

Their lives are not perfect. They do not have everything they want. Sometimes things are very difficult for them. But they are happy.

Are you happy?

What’s Most Important

Dempsey family riding an elephant in Ayutthaya Thailand

Dempsey family riding an elephant in Ayutthaya Thailand

Since listening to some Tony Robbins videos a few weeks ago I have shifted my priorities. As an entrepreneur it’s easy for me to justify working 24×7. However all work and no play makes Robbie distant from his family. Not a good thing.

I began scheduling family time into my days. Monday through Friday I have set times in the morning and evening where I do nothing but focus on my family and the time I’m spending with them. These times coincide with when my daughter goes to school and when she comes back. Dinner time is for my family. The weekends are almost entirely devoted to them with the exception of a few hours each day.

For non-business owners having to schedule family time may seem odd. However if you’re reading this and you have a job that you work 24×7, I highly suggest you schedule family time. Now here’s they key: never break it.

What I got from the Tony Robbins videos is that much like a business, a life needs focused improvement. In my case one of those areas was spending more time with my family. On to the schedule it went.

Thus far it’s working very well, and I don’t feel like I’m getting behind in my business. Yes I just said that. Deep down it’s what a lot of entrepreneurs think but never admit out loud. It’s okay – I’ve been there too.

Speaking of business let me ask you a question – are you planning for where your business is now, or where your business will be in a year or two?

Thinking Like A Frog

My good friend Lauri Flaquer likes to talk about leap-frogging ahead. She’s helped many of her clients do this, and can help you do so too.

In order to leap-frog you really have to shift your thinking, and more than likely fight through some fear. Conquer your fear and you can jump well ahead of yourself and your competition.

Don’t take this advice the wrong way. I am not suggesting you go out and rent some office space, hire tons of people, and advertise in major publications. What I’m referring to is looking at the opportunities that are in front of you today.

Do you have a client, that if you worked your tail off for, you could propel her to success and take your business up more than a few levels? Have you created a service that will fundamentally change the way things in your industry are done.

What’s holding you back from taking the chance? More than likely fear.

What happens to a deer in headlights if the person driving the car isn’t paying attention? It gets hit. It gets killed.

Don’t be that deer.

Easier said than done, so here are some tips on fighting through the fear:

  1. Talk with someone you trust, and keep talking with them. Fear hates not having you alone, where you are at your most vulnerable.
  2. Make a schedule and stick with it. Fear hates it when you stick to a plan. Destroying plans is what fear loves to do.
  3. Talk with others more successful than you. Fear can’t stand it when you have overwhelming proof that success is possible. Lies are the tools of fear. Proof cuts through fear’s lies.

No matter what continue moving ahead.

Movie And Book Recommendations

All in all this was a crazy week, between packing up our condo and then ourselves, to the 3-day road trip from Chiang Mai to Pla Pak (our current location). Client work is very busy with large projects getting underway.

In movie news I’ve been watching America: The Story of Us from the History Channel. Highly recommended if you are one of the majority of Americans that doesn’t know the history of our country. Knowing where we’ve come from gives a much greater understanding of where we are today and where we’re headed. Highly recommended.

The inflow of reading material stays steady. I’ve almost completed Winning The Customer by Lou Imbriano and Elizabeth King. Next up to bat is Uprising: How To Build A Brand And Change The World By Sparking Cultural Movements by Scott Goodson. I also purchased and almost completed the classic, Chicken Soup For The Soul by Jack Canfield. Chicken Soup, along with being a collection of highly emotional stories, truly shows the power of story to both relay information and make connections. War Made New continues it’s progression onward. It’s a large book and a fantastic read.

Other Awesomeness

This week is going to be jam packed however I hope to complete the write-up of my case study on how we helped Rachel Kerr Schneider launch a website and social media presence, along with coordinating a small team of contractors, in less than 3 weeks. That’ll be a great story.

How Are Things In Your World?

Alright enough about me. Let’s talk about you!

What’s going on in your world?! How is your family? How is your business? Are you staying sane?

Let’s talk about you in the comments below. I’ll see you there.


  1. Lovely photo you have in here, makes me wanna go to Thailand, and visit the beautiful places there. What’s the most favorite place you have visited in Thailand? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely photo you have in here, makes me wanna go to Thailand, and visit the beautiful places there. What’s the most favorite place you have visited in Thailand? Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m pretty sure you could find my last post interesting as it talks about time management, think about coincidences.
    Very interesting post Robert and I surely agree with it. As I always say the rat race benefits the handler and some of those who bet plus the owner of the place, but never and I say never the rat which becomes exhausted and dies sooner that he should. In the West we are “judged” by what we have, in the East by what they are, that’s the difference and why they can be happy even without our technology. Family and friends should always be at the first place because that’s where they belong. Also happines comes from inside.
    At the end when death approaches will we miss our family or our smartphone?

    •  @Andrea T. H. W. Your comment: “In the West we are “judged” by what we have” is only significant if WE Care about societal pressure. Personally we have never allowed that to happen.And the TRULY successful people I have been fortunate to meet over the past 69 years felt the same way.

      •  @ChuckBartok Hi Chuck, thanks for the reply. I certainly agree with you and what you say it’s true for some people but for the majority still having is a must. Otherwise why the rat race lifestyle is so widespread? Also, as you say, real success has nothing to do with money or other luxuries but only with being happy and we all know that money doesn’t bring happiness. Not on its own or as the only measure of success. 😉

  4. Another wonderful share and THANK YOU, Robert. We just returned from a 16 day, off the Interstate, Road Trip through Mid-America. Amazing how many people we engaged who are following a lifestyle you outlined in your post.I have always encourage friends and clients  to call 5 people a month they have not spoken to in a while and just focus the conversation on THEM.Same with family members, ask and listen.I posted a similar topic in 2010
    Appreciate your comments

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