Why Is Your Business Using Content Marketing?

Lead generation, thought leadership, market education, and brand awareness, top the chart of reasons for content marketing. There are even more objectives.

In this video, we discuss recent research showing why B2B companies are using content marketing, and why you should too.

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Why Are You Using Content Marketing?

Is it for the same reasons as those in the research, or something else not mentioned?

Share your experience in the comments below.


  1. So, who does your video production? Had you considered a plain background and perhaps better lighting? Or was low-rent the look you were going for? Just curious.

    • Video production would be a very strong word here Nicholas. These are simple videos using my Mac camera and Screenflow. And yes, it’s the look I was going for. No need to get fancy here.

      Any thoughts on what was discussed in the video, or did you just want to critique the production value and get a link back to your website?

      I am always happy when people comment, when it adds to the conversation. If you would like to add to that conversation, I welcome your comments. If you have feedback on the production of the content, please use our contact form.

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