The "Exit Neutral" Coaching Experience

For Entrepreneurs: Live Group Coaching Program Where You Will Master Your Thoughts, Destroy Your Hidden Limits, And Have More Self-Confidence Than Ever Before

(And Create A 90-Day Strategy You'll Absolutely WANT to Do)

"The results I see are not just little changes. They are immediate, huge and virtually unbelievable."

– Lauri Flaquer


Feel success slipping away?



Struggling to find your path?



Lost confidence in yourself?


Gain freedom when you master your thoughts, gain awareness of the stories that limit you, and destroy the barriers that are holding you back.

Blaze your own trail and achieve independence of mind by learning how to focus on what you want, and being 100% okay with it.

Overcome the self-doubt that grips all entrepreneurs and gaining complete confidence in yourself by reconnecting with why you became an entrepreneur.

I will help YOU get unstuck, shift out of neutral and reconnect with YOUR why (and passion) and continue towards realizing your own unique dream and success.

Don't waste another day, energy and resources on one more vague, boilerplate strategy! Together, let's get you reconnected with your "why", gear up your momentum and have some FUN building what you envisioned!

Let's work together in a safe and non-judgmental space and:

  • • Identify the biggest obstacle that has you stuck … the greatest challenge that  has you stuck in neutral.
  • • Create goals that reflect your "why" and what you really want to achieve.
  • • Strategize those goals into 30, 60 and 90-day milestones.
  • • Set and achieve your goals without sacrificing your self-worth and well-being regardless of the outcomes.


I hate to admit this, but it took me too long to finally accept that none of what I was doing was working. Not to mention how miserable I was in all that “doing.” I don't want that to happen to you!

What Makes The “Exit Neutral” Coaching Experience So Different?

Profound change requires a paradigm shift.

The stories you tell yourself literally create your reality. Do you see yourself as someone who never gets ahead despite pouring yourself into your work? Does a lack clarity keep you from achieving your dreams? Do you feel all the rules and responsibilities of life constrain you?

The success you want lives inside of You.

And you can step into it right now. But for many people, being who they really want to be is a frightening concept. All of your life your mind has been conditioned by family, friends, and your environment to tell you who you should and shouldn't be, how you should and shouldn't feel.

But you know deep down that person isn't you...

So you go tactic to tactic, from strategy to strategy, in an attempt to find the "one true way" that will work best for you. You feel as if it's just outside of your grasp. For most people it always will be because the secret is that your answer isn't outside of you - it lies within you.

How much could you achieve if you stopped chasing after someone else's dream, and took massive action to achieve your own? What could the best version of you accomplish? How would it feel to wake up every day happy, refreshed, stress-free and ready to take the world by storm?

"Working with Robert is phenomenal. I just can't believe the knowledge he has and how he uses it to solve my business challenges. He first listens, then offers ideas on how to address my issue. As soon as we agree on a strategy, it is put in place. Practically before we have completed the call, I see results.

And the results I see are not just little changes either. They are immediate, huge and virtually unbelievable.

Robert is as serious about making it happen for my business as I am. I recommend him to all my clients and everyone has had the same fabulous experience that I have had. Thank you, Robert."

- Lauri Flaquer, Founder of Saltar Solutions

"I met Robert many years ago. His high energy and passion is an instantly recognisable and commendable characteristic. Robert's fervency is well supported by his great skill and understanding.

He has the ability to speak to anyone, no matter who it may be and explain even the most difficult tasks. Along with his passion he ensures that people have the answer they are seeking.

His advice has been invaluable and not only will he get my services again, I will cheerfully recommend him to anyone I can."

- Zach Inglis, Co-Founder of Superhero Studios

Pete Machalek

The time it took to implement his plan was just a few days.

We immediately started getting compliments on the website redesign, specifically about how easy it was to find the information that people were looking for.

At the same time, we started receiving leads which have steadily come in ever since Robert finished his initial process.

Robert's knowledge of online marketing is both broad and deep. He clearly stays on top of the topic as it continues to evolve with the technology, and he shares that expertise with his clients without hesitating.

Thank you, Robert!

What's My Investment?

Consider this: your future is already created. It's called your default future. It's the future that's going to take place when no further thoughts, intentions or actions are brought to it.

Your default future is rarely discussed and so it is invisible. It determines all of your actions. Most people live into their default future. They constantly project that future into the present, and never get ahead. If you look at them today you will know where they will be five, ten, twenty years from now.

What does your gut tell you life will be like in ten years if you don't change anything? Nothing. Same everything. Ten years from now - what will you be doing? What will life be like?

"Exit Neutral"Coaching Experience Pilot Launching March 15, 2018

Over the course of three months, you'll receive:

  • • Three group coaching sessions per month
  • • One private one-on-one coaching session per month with Rob
  • • Access to a private Facebook group for mutual support from all participants
  • • Advice from five expert interviews
  • • A small group setting with no more than 10 people

By Application Only

How it works:

Step 1: Apply to Join – it takes just a few minutes. Let’s make sure you’re going to be a good fit for the program. If you’re not quite there yet, I’ll suggest some next steps for you to get you started.

Step 2: Jump on a Call with Rob – if it seems like you’ll do well with the process, we should talk. I’ll guide you through some coaching exercises so you can see where you’ll wind up after the course.

Step 3: Join the Exit Neutral Coaching Experience Pilot!

Your Journey For The Next Three Months

First We Unblock You

Before we can create a way forward, we need to unblock you from whatever it is currently holding you back. To do that, we'll have a powerful coaching session during which we'll get to the heart of what's keeping you from moving forward in your business.

Regardless of what challenge is blocking your progress:

  • Sales;
  • Marketing;
  • Feeling like you're being pulled in too many directions; or
  • Needing clarity on the next direction to head in;

we'll identify and work on clearing it out of your way.

Next We Get Clear on Your Goals

Many people create goals based on what they think they “should” or “have” to do. That's completely backwards, and can lead to a lot of frustration. Additionally, when we become too emotionally invested in the achievement of those goals, we can be crushed, and even stuck, when we don't reach them.

There is a better way!

Together we'll create a set of goals based on what you want, and why you want it. To get to the heart of what's important to YOU, we'll use a technique I've effectively used with many of my clients – low investment / high involvement goal setting.

Then We Turn Your Goals Into a Plan of Action

As entrepreneurs, we're people of action! Goals are great, however without action, they are meaningless. And action without a plan can be disastrous (believe me, I've tried).

After getting clear on your want-based goals, we'll create a plan of action including 30, 60, and 90-day milestones based on what you want to create in your business.

With a plan in place, the real fun begins!

You Will Be Supported Along The Way!!

For so many years I tried to do everything myself. I ran three businesses that way. Fortunately, neither you or I are alone on this earth – there are others out there to support us.

But (and this is a big one) who can you trust?

Who can you talk with who understands where you are coming from; the struggles you're going through?

Who can provide an environment of trust and non-judgement so you can get honest with yourself and others, and focus on what you really want and your “why”?

The Exit Neutral Coaching Experience provides three levels of support:

  1. 1. One-on-one coaching
  2. 2. Group coaching
  3. 3. A private, members-only Facebook group

Three times per month, the entire group will get together and help each other troubleshoot any problems you're encountering, and provide support.

Along with the coaching, you'll receive access to a members-only Facebook group where we can support each other through our journey and beyond.

Here's the bottom line – we need people around us who we trust have our best interests in mind, and can provide the support that we entrepreneurs need along our journey. That's what the Exit Neutral community offers.

I'm Bringing Some Friends!

Marc Loeffler – Building Passionate Teams

Marc Loeffler

Marc is on a quest to help companies build passionate teams. That's his passion; that is what he strives for. On his quest, he's using all his experience and tools from agile and lean methodologies, traditional project management and co-active coaching. Additionally, he's using his skills as a public speaker to set some energetic impulses to ignite passion.

Rita Juse-Cirkse – The Key to Any Desirable Change

Rita Juse-Cirkse The key to any desirable change

Rita is a joyful coach, life, health, and business optimizer, writer, artist and speaker. She's a highly intelligent, gifted, and creative mom of four adults living her dream and helping others to do the same. The leader of four Facebook groups and four groups in the Puttytribe, Rita is a true leader in helping people connect with their greater selves.

Sherrita Wilkins – Doing Impactful Work

Sherrita Wilkins

Sherrita is a writer, storyteller, encourager and joy-seeker soulfully blending 7+ years of expertise in strategic communications together to serve marginalized and underrepresented populations across the international business, non-profit, arts, real estate and higher education sectors.

Tony Schwalm – Circle of Equity

Tony Schwalm

Tony is a writer with over thirty-five years’ experience as a leader and consultant in the US government and private sector. Retiring from the Army in 2004, Tony served in peace keeping and combat operations as an Army Green Beret from Central America to South Asia. In 2009, his essay “Trek” won first prize at the Mayborn Literary Non-fiction Conference at the University of North Texas and was the basis for the book The Guerrilla Factory: the Making of Special Force Officers, the Green Berets published by Simon and Schuster in 2012. In 2015, he was the Chief Executive Officer of CWU, Inc., selected as the Tampa Bay Business Journal small business of the year in the Tampa Bay area. He lectures at the University of South Florida, Muma College of Business, on leadership lessons learned from his career. He makes his home in Tampa, Florida.

Sarah Lyons – Recovering from Perfectionism

Sarah Lyons

Sarah is a recovering perfectionist and a collector of occupations. Currently, she is a Research Analyst for an R&D company; an officer in the Air Force Reserves; the owner (and Executive Slasher) of Slash & Dash Ink, her writing and editing side hustle; and a fitness coach (to balance the mental side of her life). Part of the reason she finds herself pulled in so many directions is her desire to learn, explore, and ideate—all of which she has discovered in these roles. And with so many fascinating offerings in life, why settle for just one job? (And Sarah is a firm believer if you love your work, it isn’t really work at all.)

Together, let’s get your foot off the brake, exit “neutral” and accelerate your success!

Robert W. DempseyOver the course of three months, you'll receive:

  • • Three group coaching sessions per month
  • • One private one-on-one coaching session per month with Rob
  • • Access to a private Facebook group for mutual support from all participants
  • • Advice from five expert interviews
  • • A small group setting with no more than 10 people